Women Empowerment

This Women’s Day, #ChooseToChallenge the muddle that you face in the hackathon and come up with a solution that empowers women in any domain that you can think of. Purpose, Impact, and Empathy, together are key in this track.

    Fitness and Well-being

Staying at home has increased comfort and decreased attention towards fitness. With the restrictions now lowering, we wouldn’t want people to go out completely out of health, would we? Pull up your socks, ideate and develop a solution that helps focus the mass improve or at the very least focus on their fitness and well-being.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. To ease the work pressure off people, come up with ideas that could entertain people when under stress or take away the humdrum when bored. Design a solution to cheer people up at these dull times!

    Remote Collaboration

In our unique times, work from home has become the new normal and the outlook of working from the comforts of our home, is wider than ever before. Come up with solutions to help teams operate and communicate together while boosting their efficiencies to all time highs!

    Developer Tools

Every developer loves to be able to quickly and unerringly get their projects up and running. Developer tools help them achieve this with ease and efficiency. Help developers stay un-bugged and get their work up and running without hassle.